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A unique technique of boiling silver. Alpaca coated on both sides with silver

Shvenza material: Silver

Material: Porcelain, alpaca, silver

Weight gr: 5.2

Size mm: 35x21x10


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Di-Glypto presents the earrings “Through time and space”. These earrings embody the energy of motion. Two space objects rush through the universe, rotating one around another, while the spiral orbit reminds us that every moment of our life we exist in a different point of time and space. Our life is a movement of our consciousness along the space-time continuum and its every single moment we shape our future and change our past. It relies only on us which direction to opt for and where it is going to bring us.



Earrings, “Through time and space”

SKU: 10130
350.00 ₪Price
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