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When Creativity and Quality Meet

Di-Glypto is a family brand of original handmade designer jewelry from Israel. The style of our jewelry is characterized as expressive minimalism.

We create Di-Glypto jewelry from unglazed porcelain according to our original design. All items are handmade and produced in small series. This is the reason why each piece of jewelry made by our hands is individual and unique in its details.

To decorate Di-Glypto jewelry, we use natural and lab-created stones, cubic zirconia, silver, brass, various metals with and without coating, as well as other materials. In the description of each piece of jewelry, we indicate which materials and stones have been used in the creation process, as well as its weight and size. The major part of our jewelry is made using a casting technique. This technique allows us to make our jewelry durable, lightweight, and hollow inside. We also add pigments to give a color to the porcelain and then fire it at high temperature.

Like any jewelry, Di-Glypto products require careful care and maintenance. When creating Di-Glypto jewelry, we carefully select jewelry findings with the best characteristics. However, some jewelry elements made of silver, brass, and other metals may change their appearance and become covered with patina over time. This is a natural process that occurs due to the physical and chemical properties of soft metals, which darken when oxidized and get scratched with time. In order to restore the original appearance of the jewelry, it is enough to use special cleaning products at home. Porcelain, which the jewelry is made of, can also be washed and cleaned of stains and dirt at home. We use high-quality glue for assembling jewelry, but when the items are worn or cleaned, they shall not be exposed to high temperatures.

Feel free to contact us directly, if you have any questions regarding cleaning of Di-Glypto jewelry.

 On our website we provide highly accurate and quality images of our products. However, some details of the received product may differ from the images. Since each Di-Glypto jewelry is handmade, the porcelain texture, exact weight and size, and the precise layout of design elements will be unique to each product. Differences in the actual product may also concern jewelry findings but not the material they are made of or type of lock (clasp). It should be taken in consideration that within one type of lock, there may be some minimal differences (for example, the lock's size and configuration may be changed). This happens  due to the fact that we purchase jewelry findings in small series from various suppliers. The color of natural stones and inclusions in the stones cannot be a subject of claims, as each natural stone has its own characteristics and structure.

Please pay attention to the product description when purchasing, and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


Upon request, we can send a photo of the specific item that is going to be sent to you.

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